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Aroma Massage Oil - Soothing fragrances for massage

Aroma massage oils are popular products in the wellness and relaxation industry. These oils are enriched with essential oils or fragrances to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere during the massage. The use of aroma massage oils can help to calm the mind, reduce stress and increase overall well-being.

Aroma oil for massage is made from high quality vegetable or base oils mixed with essential oils or fragrance oils. The fragrances can be selected according to the desired effect, for example lavender oil for relaxation, citrus oils for refreshment or rosemary oil for stimulation. These aroma oils are gently massaged into the skin to provide a relaxing and fragrant experience.

Overall, aroma massage oils offer a wonderful way to promote relaxation and wellness. With their pleasant fragrance and potential therapeutic benefits, they can contribute to a relaxing massage experience. Enjoy the benefits of Kitama Aroma Massage Oil and be transported to a world of relaxation and wellbeing.

Kitama Thai Aroma Oil Massage Oils for Wellness Massage Spa

Our various types of Aroma Massage Oil combine the positive properties of massage oil with the scents of inspiring fragrance oils. All aroma oils are based on a proven massage oil composition. The fruity Aroma Massage Oil Orange provides a refreshing massage experience. The flowery scent of our Aroma Massage Oil Lavender contributes to special relaxation. Aroma Massage Oil Lemongrass invigorates body & mind. The enveloping scent of our Aroma Massage Oil Jasmine has a euphoric effect and lifts your spirits. The feminine-sweet scent of Aroma Oil Rose blossom optimally complements a sensual massage. Recently, you will also find massage oils with typical Thai fragrances in our range. These include Aroma Oil Ylang Ylang, Aroma Oil Lotus, Aroma Oil Leelawadee Frangipani, Aroma Oil Orchid and Aroma Oil Dok Mok (water jasmine). New to the range, our Aroma Massage Oil Coconut with exotic coconut aroma. All our oils are used in Thai massage and wellness massage, especially in Thai aroma oil massages. All variants of our massage oils with aroma are based on herbal & mineral ingredients. We only use essential oils and high-quality fragrance oils as aroma oils. Our oils are particularly skin-friendly and optimally suited for professional use. In addition, we also offer canister accessories such as canister taps. This makes clean filling from the 5L & 10L canisters child's Play.

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