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Massage oil & care oil: - Basic oil - Aroma oil - Jojoba oil - Almond oil

Massage oil is used for all kinds of massage applications in Thai massage, wellness massage, physiotherapy etc. Here it serves to reduce friction on the skin and thus create a necessary gliding ability. In combination, massage oil also has a skin-caring effect. In particular, our jojoba oil and almond oil additionally supply the skin with many vitamins and nutrients, thus achieving a cosmetic effect. Massage oil with fragrances, such as our aromatic oils, also provide a pleasant scent and thus a particularly soothing massage experience. We run a massage studio for Thai massage ourselves and therefore know exactly what is important with good massage oils. Accordingly, in the My Thai Massage Shop, we offer you high-quality, proven massage oil products for professional and private use. Our aim is to offer you the best quality at a very reasonable price. Whether neutral base oils on vegetable and mineral basis, or already fragrant aromatic oils, you will find the right massage oil for every customer requirement at a low price.

Base oil for massage and skin care

Our base oil - massage oil is ideally suited as a basis for application in massage, Thai massage & physiotherapy. As our base oil has very little to no specific odour, you can combine it with scented oils to create your own massage oil. We offer both mineral and vegetable base oils. So you will find here our Basic Massage Oil Neutral, which consists of pure paraffin oil (pharmacopoeia quality). This massage oil is free of colorants, preservatives and fragrances. Furthermore you will find in our shop our Premium Massage Oil Thai Sabai, designed for Thai Massage, with high quality vegetable ingredients. Our vegan base oils jojoba oil (cold pressed) and almond oil (refined) complete our range of carrier oils. All base oils are of high quality. We guarantee that all our products have been produced without animal testing. Depending on the customer's requirements, you will find your suitable massage oil here. For a clean filling out of the 5L & 10L canisters you will find corresponding canister taps in the category massage oil accessories. If you have any questions about our base oils, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kitama Aroma Massage Oil - Soothing fragrances for massage

Our different types of aroma massage oil combine the positive properties of massage oil with the aromas of inspiring essential oils. All aroma oils are based on a proven massage oil composition. The fruity Aroma Massage Oil Orange provides a refreshing massage experience. The flowery scent of our Aroma Massage Oil Lavender contributes to special relaxation. Aroma Massage Oil Lemongrass invigorates body & mind. The enveloping scent of our Aroma Massage Oil Jasmine has a euphoric effect and lifts your spirits. The feminine-sweet scent of Aroma Massage Oil Rose perfectly complements a sensual massage. For an exotic massage experience, our Aroma Massage Oil Coconut fragrance is ideal. Also in our range: Aroma Massage Oil Dok Mok (water jasmine)Aroma Massage Oil Leelawadee (Frangipani), Aroma Massage Oil Thai Lotus, Aroma Massage Oil Thai Ylang Ylang and Aroma Massage Oil Thai Orchid. Our aroma oils are used in professional massage studios such as Thai massage / wellness / spa / massage. Especially in the context of Thai aroma oil massages, our customers use our Kitama Thai aroma oils. All variants of our basic massage oils with aroma are based on herbal & mineral ingredients. Our oils are characterised by a special skin compatibility. In addition, we also offer canister accessories such as canister taps. This makes clean filling from the 5L & 10L canisters child's play.

Almond oil, sweet - care oil for all skin types

Almond oil is obtained from almond fruits by cold pressing. It is yellow to golden in colour and has a subtle to neutral inherent odour. Almond oil is particularly rich in vitamins (especially vitamin A, B & E), minerals (especially magnesium and potassium) and unsaturated fatty acids. These ingredients have many positive effects on the skin. They ensure a good compatibility with every skin type and a smooth skin appearance. In addition, almond oil is moisturizing and also suitable for the care of baby skin. Because of these positive properties, almond oil is very often used in high-quality massage oils and cosmetic products. Our natural almond oil (refined) consists of 100% almond oil, sweet. Because of its high gliding ability, it is particularly suitable as a base oil / carrier oil for massage oil & aromatherapy, as well as for making your own massage oil compositions with essential oils.

Jojoba oil - holiday for skin & hair

Jojoba oil is extracted from the seeds of the jojoba bush. It is yellow-coloured and has a subtle to neutral odour. Since jojoba oil is actually a wax, it is not greasy and does not leave a film on the skin. It is also particularly rich in vitamins (especially vitamin E) and nutrients (gadoleic acid) and is suitable for all skin types. These positive properties in combination with its moisturising effect are the reason why pure jojoba oil is increasingly used in cosmetics. In addition, jojoba oil does not go rancid and therefore has a particularly long shelf life. Jojoba oil has a particularly nourishing effect on the skin and makes it appear younger. On the hair, it has a strengthening effect and makes it shine. Our 100% pure jojoba oil (cold pressed) is ideal for use on the skin, hair and nails. It can be used for a particularly soothing massage as well as a base oil for any cosmetic composition.