Thai art from Chiang Mai 


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Thai art from Chiang Mai

Structural paintings from Thailand are characterised by their artful handwork and the use of natural materials such as cotton, silk, linen and paper. The structures and patterns in the paintings are often inspired by nature, animals or daily life in Thailand and are therefore very diverse. Some of the most popular structural paintings from Thailand are those depicting the Buddha or showing Buddhist symbols and scenes. Other depictions may also include traditional Thai patterns, flowers, fruits or animals such as elephants, monkeys and tigers.

Another feature of structural paintings from Thailand is the use of special techniques such as the batik technique, in which fabrics are dyed in different patterns by binding wax, or the saa paper technique, in which fine paper is made from mulberry bark and printed. Through these traditional techniques, textured paintings from Thailand have a unique aesthetic and are highly sought after as decorative wall hangings or works of art.