Herbal Balls

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Herbal balls for massage from Thailand

Professional herbal balls with high quality Thai herbs.

Ideal for traditional herbal stamp massage and other wellness treatments.

Cheap herbal balls order in your online shop for Thai massage and wellness products.

Where do original Thai herbal balls come from?

In Asia herbal balls have been used for many centuries in traditional medicine and Ayurvedic treatments. The origin of original herbal balls lies in Thailand and India. In Germany and Europe, however, massage balls are used in the context of wellness and Thai massage.

What are Thai massage balls filled with? What makes a herbal stamp massage special?

Kitama herbal balls from Thailand mainly contain

  • Yellow turmeric (yellow turmeric)
  • Black turmeric (black turmeric)
  • White turmeric (white turmeric)
  • Caffir Lime Leaf (Kaffir lime leaves)
  • Lemongrass powder
  • Yellow Phlai (turmeric)
  • Tamarind Leaves
  • Borneo Camphor (camphor)
  • Salt (salt)
  • Eucalyptus Leaves

These Thai herbs are wrapped in a natural cotton cloth. By heating with steam, Thai herbal balls transfer heat to the body. The natural herbs have a relaxing effect. This results in a very pleasant body feeling and stress reduction.

With us you buy herbal balls from a particularly professional and renowned supplier from Thailand. Here, high-quality, natural ingredients and sustainability have priority.

Herbal balls application:

  • Take the herbal stamp out of the packaging and heat it in steam (approx. 20min)
  • Check the temperature and then massage it into the body in a circular motion using pressure.
  • After the treatment, leave the herbal balls / herbal bags to dry and cool down so that they can be stored in the refrigerator (if necessary) for further use.

Where can you buy such herbal balls at a reasonable price?

In our shop you can order original herbal balls from Thailand comfortably online. We offer them in the sizes 200g, 150g and 100g. Furthermore you can find face balls and herbal balls with different flavours in our herbal stamp shop. If you have any questions about the traditional herbal sachets, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your wholesale and specialist for Thai Spa products.

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