Base oil for massage and skin care 

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Base oil for massage and skin care

Our base oil - massage oil is ideal as a basis for application in massage, Thai massage & physiotherapy. As our base oil has very little to no specific odour, it can be excellently combined with fragrance oils to create your own massage oil. We offer both mineral and vegetable base oils. You will find our Massage Oil Neutral, which consists of pure paraffin oil (pharmacopoeia quality), our Massage Oil Thai Sabai with high-quality vegetable ingredients, as well as our vegan jojoba oil (cold pressed) and almond oil (refined). All base oils are of high quality. We guarantee that all our products have been produced without animal testing. Depending on the customer's requirements, you will find your suitable massage oil here. For clean filling from the 5L & 10L canisters, you will find appropriate canister taps in the massage oil accessories section. If you have any questions about our base oils, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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