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Massage Balm / Thai Balm from Thailand:

Pure Thai - Lemongrass - Rose - Lavender - Jasmine

Massage Balms or also called Thai-Balm, are used especially for traditional Thai massage & Thai-Spa. Here, stimulating ingredients such as camphor, cajeput oil or menthol are used which contribute to a warming or cooling effect. Our Wang Prom Thai massage balm contains these ingredients of traditional Thai balms from Thailand. However, we have adapted the formula to the EU Cosmetic Regulation. This means that undesirable effects are virtually eliminated and you can use our products on your customers without any worries. We also deliberately avoid typical mineral ingredients in our massage balms. Our Wang Prom Massage Balm is based on purely vegetable ingredients: beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil & sunflower oil. In combination with invigorating camphor, cajeput oil & menthol and various aromas, this cosmetic product has a slightly warming effect. Paired with skin-caring properties, our massage balms thus provide an incomparable massage experience.

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Thai Massage Balm is known for its relaxing, warming and nourishing properties. It can help relieve tension and muscle discomfort and promote circulation. The unique combination of essential oils and herbal extracts has a calming effect on body and mind, allowing you to immerse yourself in deep relaxation. Our selection of Thai massage balms includes several varieties, including traditional balms based on centuries-old recipes, as well as more modern formulas with different fragrances.

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